About Us

Travel Automation was incorporated in June of 1990. The company was conceived and created by Philip VerLee and Dale Weston. Phil and Dale met while working together at Lovejoy-Tiffany & Associates, a regional travel agency based in Ann Arbor, MI USA.

Since forming, Travel Automation has focused on providing innovative and cost effective solutions for the travel industry. The goal has always been to create solutions that cater to what the customer truly wants rather than to build something in the hopes that people would buy it. Travel Automation’s methods have been proven to be a good strategy; there are not many software developers that can say they have been in business for over 20 years!

Phil VerLee has since moved on to pursue other interests but Dale Weston is still with the company and currently serves as the Sr. Vice President.

Please contact us to learn how travel automation can provide you with travel software solutions.

Leadership Team


Sr. Vice President

Dale Weston is the Sr. Vice President of Travel Automation. Dale directs the teams responsible for design, delivery and implementation of new business products and services. He works closely with the teams to assure designs exactly fit the individual needs of each client.