MySabre Scribe Applications

In 1990 Travel Automation designed and built a suite of Sabre scripts that helped travel agents perform difficult or repetitive tasks on Sabre. Scripts such as Ticket Exchange, Cars, Hotels, Timatic, Weather, and many others changed the way that people looked at Sabre. Rather than struggle through a 250 character GDS entry with slashes, dashes and commas, now you just click the script and fill in the details. GDS automation was born, and Travel Automation was at the forefront of the automation revolution.

How did Sabre react to this clever new use of their scripting tool? They liked it so much that they bought the rights to the package of scripts and began distributing them with Sabre. This was the first time in Sabre’s history that software developed outside of Sabre was included as part of the Sabre installation.

20 years later not much has changed. Agency owners, managers, and agents still love scripts and nobody designs and develops them like Travel Automation. With Sabre’s recent enhancements to MySabre Scribe, using the Eclipse platform, this development tool is even more useful and appropriate for a variety of agency applications.

If you are looking for low cost development, easy distribution, and seamless integration with the Sabre GDS you can’t go wrong with MySabre Scribe. Travel Automation is the leader in the industry designing and developing these scripts.

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