Robotic Applications

Travel Automation is well known for designing and building robotic applications for a variety of travel-related business applications. Large or small, these types of applications can greatly increase productivity and reduce precious resource requirements. Some of our most notable accomplishments in robotic applications include:

Air Booking

This proprietary robotic application automatically books air reservations for a major tour wholesaler based on a configurable set of criteria. It ensures that the least costly available option among many is selected.

Itnerary Pricing

This proprietary robotic application monitors an inbound queue and automatically prices the itinerary according to a pre-defined set of parameters using special GDS contract pricing. The app completely automated the fulfillment of wholesaler pricing and ticketing duties.

Ticket Robot

This proprietary robotic application issues tickets on both Sabre and Amadeus and is compatible with BSP requirements in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and ARC requirements in the US.

Profile Extraction

This Sabre application will extract the data from some, or all, customer profiles; identify the data; and sort it into spreadsheet or database format.

Profile Standardization

This Sabre application will take profile data, in almost any condition, and reformat it to a pre-defined standard. This can be very useful if an agency is planning to migrate profile data to a structured database but has little or no structure in the source profiles.

Profile Update

This Sabre application is capable of updating one or more fields in a profile according to pre-defined requirements. When corporate purchasing cards change and every profile must be updated over the weekend, or overnight, this app will get it done. Whether you have a thousand profiles or a hundred thousand the profile updater will meet your needs.

Auxiliary System Interface

This proprietary application allows a group booking agency to automatically update the group space system with real-time booking information. This eliminates the need for double entry and double work!


Quite simply, QBotic is the gold standard for robotics in the travel industry. This generic application for Sabre or Amadeus monitors all inbound PNR queues for schedule changes and OSI/SSR messages and takes action based on configurable parameters. It eliminates 80% of the work involved in ‘keeping up’ with the queues!

Travel Automation is a leading innovator of robotic applications in the travel industry. Contact us today and we’ll tell you how robotics can save you valuable time and money now!