Sabre Profile Extraction & Standardization Services

Travel Automation provides a range of profile management services for Sabre users. Do you need to extract some or all of the data from your Sabre profiles? Looking to migrate the data to Sabre’s new profile database? Or maybe you just want to clean up and standardize your data in preparation for Sabre’s migration services? Travel Automation has the Sabre solutions that you need. We are able to do innovative things with profiles and Sabre STARs that many would claim is impossible!

  • Profile data extraction – pull some or all of your profile data and put it in spreadsheet or database format.
  • Export profile data to another database.
  • Perform data mining and discover hidden treasures!
  • Perform bulk profile data updates, roll back for any reason.
  • Standardize data and import back to Sabre.

Travel Automation has tools that extract profile data, identify it, and put it into any new format you desire. Whether you have a thousand profiles or a million, we can handle it all. Whatever your Sabre needs, contact us today for more information on our Sabre services.