Sabre Red App Development

What is Sabre Red Apps?

Sabre Red Apps are approved applications that can be added to your Sabre Red Workspace to compliment and advance the potential of Sabre Red. Sabre Red App owners have complete control over sale and distribution of their applications through the Sabre Red App Centre. These Sabre Red applications have the ability to fully integrate an infinite variety of processes and services directly into the travel agent’s desktop. The diverse nature of the travel industry means that the types of applications that can be created to enhance Sabre Red are nearly limitless.

Travel Automation - First in Sabre Red Apps

Travel Automation has many “firsts” when it comes to Sabre Red Apps. We were the first to have an application released into the Sabre Red App Center; we were the first to develop a Sabre Red App for a third party, and we were the first to design a winning app for Sabre Appys contest!

Create Your Own Sabre Red App with Us

Have an idea for a Sabre Red App? Travel Automation can help you make that idea into a full-fledged application for world-wide consumption. Agencies, vendors, and auxiliary service providers can all benefit from expert Sabre Red App design and development. Travel Automation is an authorized developer of Sabre Red Apps, with over 20 years of experience designing and implementing applications for Sabre users.

How Travel Automation Can Help You

We provide a variety of services to assist with all aspects of app creation, development, design, and implementation. Our Sabre Red App development services include:

  • Solution design
  • Work flow design
  • User interface design
  • Content integration
  • Web services interface
  • TA sharing

What are Our Clients Saying?

”Travel Automation was instrumental in the development of our Sabre Red App. Their programming capabilities and knowledge of the Sabre platform enabled us to develop a world-class application that, not only won the first-ever Sabre Red Appy Award, but has redefined the booking experience for Travel Agents. I would recommend Travel Automation to anyone interested in developing an application on the Sabre Red platform.”
-Ann Hoey, President & CEO,

Get Started on Your Own Sabre Red App Today!

Have a great idea for an app? Just contact Travel Automation and tell us what you have in mind. We’ll show you how to get it done and done right. Maybe you will win the Appys next year!